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This better be worth the money

Crap. Just realized that I have to go down to the Replay tonight to shoot the Rooftop Vigilantes for the feature I'm doing on them for the Pitch.

The feature is doing all right. It's been something like seven years since I last did one, when I was still writing for RockKansas. There's a bit of an awkward transition from college papers and blogging to writing a newspaper piece. Real, honest-to-God print journalism!

Thank God for coffee. And the fact that I don't have to stick around for the whole show. I just show up, gather the band, find somewhere decently lit, and knock off some shots.

Before that, however, I have to work my way through a high school football awards banquet. There will be food, and I don't necessarily have to pay attention. I must remember that I'm there to support my kid. I am also supporting not having to cook dinner and an excuse to dress sharp for the evening.
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