horrified onlooker (skajester) wrote,
horrified onlooker

Well, hell

Um...best of luck to massholecatlady and corkwis because of >what happened to their house yesterday.

Check out Sarah's blog for pictures. Suffice it to say, when a pipe is ran over the insulation, through the attic, contrary to code, and the inspector doesn't catch it - your house will turn into a swamp. Two inches of water on the floor, a hole in the ceiling the size of a small car...but the people, and their cats are okay. Thank goodness.

Tonight? I'm gonna celebrate my birthday by going out to the Southwind and watching the RiffTrax guys with Weird Al do Christmas shorts. My joys are small, and wants few. Plus, I have to work on Friday, so this is my night to get out and do stuff.
Tags: birthday, catastrophe, friends
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