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Off to a good start

Now, I might not be in Austin, where the weather is pleasant, the taco trucks plentiful, and the various showcases giving away free loot (the AAM showcase, where last year I walked away with two books, is giving away free Chucks this year), my vacation's been pretty solid for the first day.

Got Thing 2 off to Boys & Girls Club, got breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts (more for the coffee than the egg bagel, but I was starving), and then did another free form shift at KJHK. The setlist is below, and a lot like Sunday's.

Regular Music Dead Milkmen The Thing That Only Eats Hippied Death Rides a Pale Cow -The Ultimate Collection (1997) 12:10 PM
Regular Music The Fall-outs All In My Mind Summertime (Estrus) 12:08 PM
Regular Music Ben Kweller Wasted & Ready Sha Sha 12:04 PM
Regular Music Hedwig & the Angry Inch Wicked Litte Town Hedwig & the Angry Inch soundtrack 12:01 PM
Regular Music the Exploding Heart I'm A Pretender Guitar Romantic 11:58 AM
Regular Music the Searchers Needles & Pins Most of the Searchers 11:55 AM
Regular Music Television See No Evil Marquee Moon 11:51 AM
Regular Music the Drifters Money Honey All Time Greatest Hits 11:49 AM
Regular Music Buddy Holly Not Fade Away Memorial Collection 11:46 AM
Regular Music the Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band 11:44 AM
Requested Johnny Cash Personal Jesus American IV 11:36 AM
Regular Music the Flying Burrito Borthers Sin City Hot Burritos! 11:32 AM
Regular Music Billy Bragg & Wilco Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key Mermaid Avenue 11:28 AM
Regular Music Rhett Miller Our Love The Instigator 11:24 AM
Regular Music A Band of Bees Lov In the Harbour Octopus 11:20 AM
Regular Music Feist My Moon My Man The Reminder 11:12 AM
Regular Music Jeff Buckley The Last Goodbye Grace 11:08 AM
Regular Music My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow Loveless 11:03 AM
Regular Music Jawbreaker Fireman Dear You 10:59 AM
Regular Music The Frames Star Star Setlist 10:56 AM
Regular Music Namelessnumberheadman Rest Assured When We Leave, We Will Know Where We've Been 10:50 AM
Regular Music The Soft Boys I Wanna Destory You Children of Nuggets 10:47 AM
Regular Music Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock Siamese Dream 10:37 AM
Regular Music Piebald Grace Kelly With Wings If It Wan't For Venetian Blinds... 10:32 AM
Regular Music Wall of Voodoo Call of the West Call of the West 10:26 AM
Regular Music the Plimsouls A Million Miles Away Everywhere at Once 10:22 AM
Regular Music the Anniversary The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Designing A Nervous Breakdown 10:16 AM
Regular Music Kill Creek Six By Two Proving WInter Cruel 10:11 AM
Regular Music Lushbox Thin Walls Despues de la operacion sere una nina 10:05 AM
Regular Music Old Canes Taxi On Vermont Early Morning Hymns 10:02 AM
Regular Music Big Star The Ballad of El Goodo #1 Record 09:57 AM
Regular Music Truck Stop Love Stagnation Truck Stop Love 09:53 AM
Regular Music Exit 159 Cigarette Kiss Lost on Earth 09:50 AM
Regular Music the Glitter Kicks Impressed Love Everything 09:47 AM
Regular Music Danger Bob Anne-Mette's Anorak Girls of the Big 12 09:44 AM
Regular Music Ok Go Get Over It OK Go 09:35 AM
Regular Music the Siren Six! If You're Not Now (You Never Were) Young and Professional 09:33 AM
Regular Music Pavement Gold Soundz Crooked Rain Crooked Rain 09:29 AM
Regular Music Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer Dress You Up Duet All Night Long 09:26 AM
Regular Music That Dog Never Say Never Retreat from the Sun 09:23 AM
Regular Music Ghost Mice Sing Out Ghost Mice/Saw Wheel split 09:21 AM
Regular Music the What Gives Summer Too Up All Night with the What Gives 09:12 AM
Regular Music Korea Girl Reunion Korea Girl 09:08 AM
Regular Music Jason Webley The Music That Puts Everything Together Only Just Beginning 09:03 AM
Regular Music the Crimea Lottery Winners On Acid Lottery Winners On Acid 09:00 AM
Requested Fleet Foxes Tiger Mountain Peasant Song Fleet Foxes 08:56 AM
Regular Music the Faint Worked Up So Sexual Blank-Wave Arcade 08:54 AM
Requested Pat Benetar Love Is A Battlefield Best Shots 08:49 AM
Regular Music Rufus Wainwright When you're Smiling Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall 08:46 AM
Requested Born Ruffians Red Yellow and Blue Red Yellow & Blue 08:42 AM
Regular Music the Smiths Panic Louder Than Bombs 08:38 AM
Regular Music Cold War Kids We Used to Vacation Robbers & Cowards 08:33 AM
Regular Music Fake Problems The Dream Team It's Great to be Alive 08:31 AM
Regular Music Spoon Don't Make Me A Target Gagagagaga 08:27 AM
Regular Music Old 97s Jagged Fight Songs 08:18 AM
Regular Music The New Pornographers The New Face of Zero and One Electric Version 08:14 AM
Regular Music the Pixies Wave of Mutilation Doolittle 08:13 AM
Regular Music Polaris Hey Sandy Music From Pete & Pete 08:10 AM

I had a lot of fun, and my mom called! She was streaming it at the clinic where she works.

Afterward, I went down to the 'Kitty, and even though indierockgod was stuck on the road all day, Joe Noh was cool enough to show me the basics, and it was totally cool. I sold a few things, helped by the fact that they have essentially the same register as the bakery. This is going to be a fun extra thing to do, I think.

But that's not all! I got to interview Junior Marvin, of the Original Wailers (he played with Bob Marley), by phone this afternoon, and turned out a really nice produced audio interview to run on Wayward Blog tomorrow. Turned out better than half the stuff I did for As Heard From the Hill. There's also going to be a giveaway for Kevin Smith tickets, if you're inclined to go.

Now, it's just kicking back and having a beer while I listen to Tito Puente and wait to head down to the Replay for the Digital Leather show tonight. Three shows reviews in a week, and yet I've managed to find stuff to say every time. I think I might be getting the hang of all of this. I get that review written tonight, and I'm totally free tomorrow.

That's especially good, as the_lucky_nun took the day off work, and we're going to go watch the parade tomorrow, drink Guinness on the Replay back patio, and eat corned beef and cabbage for lunch. For a so-called "staycation" (and the next person to refer to it as such will be unable to say anything else afterward, as their words will be muffled by their own ass), this is pretty all right.
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